Out of Africa: Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve
Out of Africa: Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Consisting of 5,500 acres in Blanco County, Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve has been restored to its original habitat, with a mission to teach by example with respect to ethical land stewardship. Through outreach and interaction, the Preserve offers landowner seminars while it also serves a duo purpose as a laboratory for zoologists, botanists, and other such scientists that can complete value-added research.

Providing science classes and nature camps that are hands-on, school-aged children can attend, learn by doing, and experience respect to species, land care, and nature in general as it benefits mankind and animal alike. Public tours and workshops are also available for this Johnson City, Texas property, and attract plant and animal enthusiasts, photographers, and birdwatchers alike.

After exploring Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve, visitors have likened it to an eye-opening experience and view of healthy habitats and lifestyle in the region. A successful model of land stewardship, featuring savannas, grasslands, riparian areas, and juniper uplands, all habitats have been fully restored to their natural state. And, while you’re making a future visit, you might actually get a glimpse of another restorative feature: what could be the largest herd of scimitar-horned oryx left in the world.

Recently extinct in its West African homeland, this exotic creature was recently reintroduced to the wilds of its traditional territory and are being closely monitored, but in the meantime, they thrive on the Preserve as part of a program for international species survival. The Bamberger Ranch has been assisting and cooperating with the American Zoological and Aquarium Association (AZA) to share species information, care, and herd size, which at present numbers between 40 and 60 animals. Six-hundred and forty three acres have purposely been designated for their care, and you can view them on a public ranch tour or book a private viewing.

All this and the experience of visiting a place of ethical land stewardship, learning how best to help this happen, and what benefits it provides to humans and animals alike as a result, are waiting for you at Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve.