Pecan Street Brewing

Pecan Street Brewing is a place to flip your “chill switch” and relax while connecting with friends (new & old) in a casual atmosphere, just like they did in the old days. It is located in the old Blanco County Supply and Hardware building. Originally, it was a hardware and supply store and “unofficially” the gathering place where folks would get together to drink coffee and swap stories. Now the gathering continues… however the beverage of choice is a craft beer, to be enjoyed in the restaurant, biergarten or while dancing to one of the many live bands featured on weekends.

At Pecan Street Brewing, we celebrate the art of Craft by featuring brewed on-site craft beer, hand-crafted and Texas Wines.   

The beers we brew compliment our menu of brick-oven pizzas, fresh salads, burgers and unique southern dishes…like our classic Sweet Pecan Chicken.  Be sure to stop by and experience one of daily or weekly specials!

​Pet Friendly Biergarten – provides a relaxed atmosphere to connect with friends & family.   A Texas Hill Country favorite spot, at times may be self service or closed for private events.  If you prefer full-service and to be pampered by our friendly staff, please call ahead and confirm Biergarten availability. 

Pecan Street Brewing is a family owned brewpub, who honors the heritage of our “presidential hometown” with TEXAS SIZE HOSPITALITY! 


106 E Pecan Dr Johnson City, TX 78636-2034


Johnson City Texas